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    Taiwanese Association of America Greater Washington 


Dear TAAGWC Members and Friends,

Here is the TAAGWC Newsletter - April 2018 -

  • 《未來棒球界可能的台灣之光,急需同鄉投出援手》- Need Host Family

  • 《台灣同鄉會卡拉OK聯誼 - 大ㄟ來唱歌》- Karaoke Event

  • 《2018美東台灣人夏令會》- The 2018 TACEC-TANG conference is officially open!

  • 《April 14 2018 11:00 am-2 pm- TCC Open House》- Taiwan Culture Center

  • 《2018 Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award》


1.《未來棒球界可能的台灣之光,急需同鄉投出援手》- Need Host Family

* 兩名台東大學的野球選手(Baseball players), 將利用暑假來參加Cal Ripken college summer league 比賽。他們的受訓地點是在Montgomery College Rockville Campus.


  1. 他們希望能夠找到寄宿家庭+提供早餐, 午餐 (星期二休息)。

  2. 每日不用提供接送,但如果能夠幫忙,當然更感謝。

  3. 他們平日的作息時間是下午三點多出門,打球到晚上10點回來。

  4. 寄宿家庭可享有免費看球賽的優惠招待。

  5. 同鄕會有收到熱心人士捐贈支持這個項目,將以同鄉會名義撥款給幫助兩位年輕人的家庭,補助餐費$500,以貼補部分開支。

有些選手要借錢買機票才能來美國受訓,但回台後,多能參與職棒或國家代表隊為台灣奉獻心力。非常需要本地同鄉的大力協助,請與 TAA 同鄉會 (443-326-0185) or  (410-591-4969) 聯絡。

* 另外兩名台灣體育大學的選手會到Blair High School 受訓,他們需要確定有接待家庭,球隊才會發給他們受訓的資格。日期:6/1-7/29

               1. 他們希望能夠找到寄宿家庭+提供早餐。

               2. 每日不用提供接送,但如果能夠幫忙,當然更感謝。

               3. 他們平日的作息時間是下午三點多出門,打球到晚上10點回來。

               4. 寄宿家庭可享有免費看球賽的優惠招待。

               5. 同鄕會有收到熱心人士捐贈支持這個項目,將以同鄉會名義撥款給幫助兩位年輕


有些選手要借錢買機票才能來美國受訓,但回台後,多能參與職棒或國家代表隊為台灣奉獻心力。非常需要本地同鄉的大力協助,請與 TAA 同鄉會 (443-326-0185) or  (410-591-4969) 聯絡。

* Two baseball players from Taitung University & Two baseball players from Taiwan University of Sport will use their summer vacation to participate in the Cal Ripken college summer league competition. Their training locations are at the Montgomery College Rockville Campus & Montgomery Blair High School

Date: 6/1-7/29.

  1. Two Taitung University baseball players want to be able to find a host family + provide breakfast, lunch (closed on Tuesdays); 

  2.  two Taiwan Sports University baseball players want to be able to find a host family + provide breakfast.  

  3. No daily transfers needed, but if you could help, of course, thank you even more.

  4. Their daily schedule is to go out at 3pm and play until 10:00pm.

  5. The host family can enjoy a free game watching game.

    (5) TAA has received the support from enthusiastic people for this program. They will use

          the TAA GWC to allocate funds to families who help those two young baseball players

          to subsidize their meal expenses by $500 to cover some expenses.

Some players have to borrow money to buy airfare tickets before they can come to the United States for training, but after returning to Taiwan, they can do much to participate in the professional baseball or national team to contribute to Taiwan. There is a great need for strong assistance from our local residents. If you are interested in supporting those Taiwan baseball Players.  Please contact the TAA GWC Association (443-326-0185) or  (410-591-4969).

2.《台灣同鄉會卡拉OK聯誼 - 大ㄟ來唱歌》- Karaoke Event

April 14 (SAT), 2018; 1:30 - 4:30 pm

華府僑教中心 Culture Center of TECRO, 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD

Registration Here

開放給鄉親免費報名參加,歡迎自由樂捐!Drop-ins welcome! 早來早點歌喔!

卡拉OK機採用金嗓M1 800,不需要帶自己唱片。

This karaoke association will open to all folks for free to sign up and you are welcome to donation to support this event! Drop-ins welcome! Karaoke machine with gold throat M1 800, do not need to bring their own record.

3.《2018美東台灣人夏令會》- The 2018 TACEC-TANG conference is officially open!

一年一度的美東台灣人夏令會又將到來,請大家踴躍報名, 詳情如下:

The 2018 TACEC-TANG conference is officially open!  Register and details are HERE.




4. 《April 14 2018 11:00 am-2 pm- TCC Open House》- Taiwan Culture Center

The Spring Open House for TCC has been scheduled on April 14 (Saturday).  It will start from around 11:00- 02:00 with tentative food-making/testing activities and TCC operational discussion.  All is welcome to this special meeting with board members to discuss regular programs, interaction with community, future center expansion, you suggestions and questions, etc.  Please click HERE to register .

5. 《2018 Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award》

The TCC kicked off the 2018 Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award (TACSA) in February by contacting high schools in the area and inviting all graduating seniors to apply.  In addition to the general category that accepts all applicants, there is one specific category reserved for Taiwanese American only.  The application deadline is mid-April (April 17); thus, please encourage high school seniors to apply as soon as possible if you know of any in the area.  Also, the TCC board would like to invite all TAs to support this meaningful cause to expand TA’s participation and contribution to the community through providing donations into the TASCA scholarship account ($500 for each scholarship). Check the website for more information -

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